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Living the Toddler Life: Another healing update

In many ways, I have accomplished the sorts of things we praise toddlers for: I’m eating solid foods! I’m using a fork! I’m getting new teeth (coming soon), and sleeping through the night!

So I have graduated to soft foods, which has been a source of great joy. While soup is still my fallback, the world has opened a little wider in the area of Foods I Can Eat Comfortably. And speaking of things opening a little wider, my challenging tongue-depressor jaw exercises have apparently been working, so in the next couple of weeks (drum roll…) I will be getting a temporary obturator that features replicas of my very own departed molars. Instead of the retainer-with-a-sidecar (and oh! how I wish I could drink a sidecar these days…), I will have a retainer with some teeth attached, which will probably remind me of the ghastly dentures my grandmother used to soak in a glass. Maybe I can get one with some embellishments or glitter. Doubtful.

The red circle of numbness is a lot smaller, as you can see in this highly filtered picture from a couple of years ago when I went for bangs:

red circle bangs

As my doctor told me this week, the numbness can last a very long time. It may never completely go away, but I am encouraged by the changes in just the last few weeks.

Times being the way they are, I wish this video wasn’t live from Red Square, but it’s the best one I could find. So, as Sir Paul says:

My doctor refers to my newly missing parts as “the defect.” I guess it’s one way to describe this void I have in place of a section of jaw and those departed teeth, but I like to think of my healing process as fixing a hole.

I was always such a Paul girl… some things never change.

And this is a sidecar. Have one for me, if you like. Traditionally: Cointreau, cognac, lemon juice, sugar rim. Cheers!


Numb and Number: Or, Healing is Not for Sissies

It’s now been five weeks since my surgery. Although I look almost normal, with some visible swelling on the right side of my face, I still feel as though I am wearing one of these: I can tell the numbness is going away by the sometimes tingly, sometimes sharp messages I’m getting from the nervesContinue Reading

Here’s a visual

  So, yes–right down the middle. Including teeth. It may look almost normal, but it sure doesn’t feel that way! Hurts to smile, or I would’ve tried. Upper cheek and nose are the worst in terms of numbness. Kinda feels like I’m touching someone else’s face when I check for sensitivity. Weird. It’s getting better,Continue Reading

Healing Update: In Which we observe Changes That Have Occurred in the two-plus weeks after surgery

Some things are the same, and a few have changed, slightly. Same: numbness, sensitivity, eating/swallowing related challenges, and getting used to the obturator. I have been getting better at taking it out for cleaning and putting it back in, and was reminded of the story about Eeyore’s unhappy birthday. No one can throw a pityContinue Reading

An Update on the Fiendish Thingy

AsĀ  friends and family are aware, I had surgery one week ago today to remove a benign tumor from my upper jaw. I’ve written about this tumor before, a couple of times. It may be too much information, but here is a health update on the ameloblastoma that I refer to as “the fiendish thingy.”(AndContinue Reading