Pie for Pi Day

The Well-Tempered Bean, or My Trip to Cocoatown

Not My First Rodeo: Winter Fancy Food Show 2017

Spirit Works Distillery: Wheat Women and Song

Taylor’s Sausages: Linked to the Past, Trending in the Present

Hot Buttered Rum: Official Drink of Presidents #1 and 2?

Doing Good While Drinking Well

Full Frontal Festival: The 42nd Telluride Film Festival

Eating Wildly: A Walk on the Wild Side

Grape Meets Bean

Through the Looking Glass into Candyland, Part 1

Winter Fancy Food Show, Part 2: The People Behind the Products

A Solo Flight to the Hangar: St. George Spirits in Alameda

Chefs on CHEF

A Star is Born at the Alley

An Oasis on Grand Avenue

The 41st Telluride Film Festival

Thirst for Happiness: A trip to the SF Craft Spirits Carnival

The Pen and the Sword: Cary Elwes Comes to San Francisco

Risa Dreams of Sushi: A visit to ICHI Sushi + NI Bar in San Francisco

Take Me Out to the Garden

A Shrub Grows in Berkeley

Telluride Film Festival Roundup 2017

 Longridge ReviewLongridge Review logo

Visions of LaDonna

Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Purple Clover. Still crazy after all these years

Sunshine of Your Love

A Stitch in Time

My Wonderful Return to Tap Dancing

Coffee with a Married Man

Chains of Love

My Used-to-Do List





The Old Ballgame

Sunshine of My Love

Both Sides Now

Gone With the Wind

A Year in the Life

A Long, Strange Trip

A Wish Fulfilled, the Hard Way

And in the End

Halloween Caper with My Daughter

From the Ashes for She Writes Press

LTYM logo

  Listen to Your Mother, San Francisco 2014










How We Like Our Eggs

The House of Girls

30 Things I Learned from my Father, the Teacher

My Mr. Tambourine Man: A Teenage Romance

Period Piece: Tales from the Girl’s Room

I Want to Hold Your Hand


 The Enchanted Castle:When baking becomes bonding

Primed to Apply

Mom’s treasures

The blessing of chores

Prodromal dreaming

Rebuilding while still grieving: After the fire





 So What?

Reading between the lines in “Someone Like You”

Working on my Rewrite

In the Mood

Making a List

Back to the Beginning

Driving Home

I Was Here

How to be a writer

The Importance of the Simmer

Finding a Private Space and an Inner World



 Chopped Liver

The Things We Made

Old is the New Young

The Unexamined Life

When Smoke is in the Air



  Burnt Finger

Wax Angel


BlogHer logo

  Read my essay here.





Numbers: Taking My Sister to Chemo

I Put a Bird on it

Five Stages of the College App Process

Touch of Gray

The Eyes Have It

My Two Sons

You’ve Got to Change Your Hairy Ways, Baby

No Fail Cooking Ingredients


YouTube video of my book launch, sponsored by a Great Good Place for Books

at the book launch 2

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