…and we’re back!

PSA: Do not assume that benign neglect is a good strategy for maintaining a website.

After over a year of not posting anything (!) and getting around to updating articles and interviews (and sadly deleting many past their sell date links), I was shocked recently to discover that my beautiful design had disappeared and some default setting had taken over, turning my pink-accented pages into boring and soulless black and white.

Many back and forth emails with host Go Daddy finally got the site restored to its original glory. Along the way, I learned how to communicate better in a language I don’t totally understand.

Moral of the story is: tend to these things with greater vigilance. There’s no point in saying anything about not posting in a very long time: it’s been a tough dry spell and I’m not alone in feeling this way. However, there may be some interesting things to post about in the future, and if so–I’ll be ready with the same attractive format the talented designer created for me many years ago.

It’s good to be back in the pink.


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