Monthly Archives: August 2012

Listen to me: Three that made it

Over the last several years I’ve submitted short pieces to KQED radio,  the local PBS station, for a segment called “Perspectives.” I’ve swung and missed a number of times, but I did make it onto the show with these three. Instead of digging into the Rejection Collection today, I thought I’d start off this week with some positive thoughts. While getting rejected  happens to writers all the time, finally getting a “yes” is one of the more satisfying reasons to keep trying.

 It’s been a while since I’ve hit the mark with the editor of this program, but just seeing my name in the archives still feels pretty good. So, listen to me while I briefly wax philosophical on random topics.

 FYI: There are short PBS-style commercials at the beginning and end of these recordings, but no pledge breaks–I promise!

The Unexamined Life  from my days as a college counselor;

Old is the New Young because it still is;

The Things We Made for anyone who ever did macramé and isn’t ashamed to say so.


And with a perspective…thanks for listening!