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My Passover Seder Memories: Not the long version

  The Passover Seder is a highly ritualized family event, during which children must wait patiently to eat dinner until the last plague is listed, the last bite of horseradish is choked down, the last prayer is read, and the last song is sung. Depending on how hard core the leader of the Seder serviceContinue Reading

and this is the sun’s birthday

In honor of my son’s birthday today, I’m posting a re-run. I used to tell him this story, or parts of it, every year on his birthday. Now that he’s a daddy, maybe he’ll carry on the tradition when his little boy turns three next month… Halloween, 1980. Not too much longer…      Continue Reading

Trick or Treat

It’s almost Halloween, so I’m raising this one from the old, dead, Zero to Sixty in One Year blog.   Whose arm is that? I have no idea This photo was taken at an Intensive Care Nursery reunion picnic at UCSF.  My daughter spent several months in the ICN as an infant. The reunion usedContinue Reading

Time in a Bottle

September 7, 2014 There are days you just want to hang onto, remembering every detail. Last Sunday was one such day. Because memories fade and details get fuzzy over time, I’m creating a record for myself and for Samuel, my new grandson, who was born on that day. And since saving time in a bottleContinue Reading

Back to School on Throwback Thursday

Once again, wishing all the little school girls and boys a good morning! In honor of the first week of school in my neighborhood, three kindergarten pictures and a kosher version of  “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl”  by Smokey Hogg. My class picture from kindergarten Caitlin’s first day of school Madeleine in pigtails, like her grandmaContinue Reading

Dancing with the Sons

  I used to do it every chance I got. These days, it’s easier to scoop up the grandsons for a little dance around the house. After viewing my Listen to Your Mother reading yesterday, I kinda wanted to see this post again. So, sharing an oldie today. Some special memories of dancing with theContinue Reading

The Next Big Step

Lately, I’ve been taking notice when I see articles and blog posts about selling the family home, or downsizing, or re-evaluating the next chapter, etc. Some take on a bittersweet tone, while others have a roll-up-your-sleeves and get on with it approach. Most conversations I have with people my age inevitably get around to theContinue ReadingContinue Reading

The Return of King Kong

It’s an old chestnut, this post. But it’s the story of a tradition that says a lot about us as a family. And since this is the season for tradition, here it is again. At least it’s not a fruitcake. But it is… A King Kong Christmas.    Many people have lovely angel ornaments thatContinue Reading

One by One: Off they go…

When our three kids were little, we spent part of our summer vacation at a beautiful mountain lake. As we watched the kids play in the sand or splash in the icy water, my husband and I realized the day would come when they’d get too grown-up or too busy to spend lazy days withContinue Reading

He was the Egg Man

His obituary doesn’t say very much. It’s written in a tiny font and takes up about a square inch of newsprint. I keep the yellowed square of paper in my jewelry box, the one I took with me the day my house burned down in 1991. The obituary states when he died: June 11, 1977,Continue Reading