I was sad to read that Annette Funicello passed away. She was one of my favorites on the show. This was an early post in Zero to Sixty in One Year, but I’m dusting it off for any old-timers out there who loved the show the way I did.

He was my first crush.

Cubby O’Brian played the drums on “The Mickey Mouse Club.” He was always paired up with Karen, who had pretty blonde curls. I didn’t look anything like this:

Not me. No way.

An  article in the SF Chronicle about the Disney Family Museum jogged a pleasant memory.

Isn’t he adorable?

The article mentions Karen and Cubby cut-out dolls…and I am pretty sure I had some! Why else would I have her pretty little face (and his adorable one) seared into my memory? 

I used to play “Karen and Cubby” with my across-the-street-neighbor John when we watched “The Mickey Mouse Club” together.  The picture of Cubby (his real name is Carl, but his mom thought he looked like a bear cub — how cute is that?) today, even with glasses and without the ears, reveals a nice man who looks like he has lived a good life. And he’s still playing the drums.

I loved reading about the Mousketeers in this piece. It brought back the excitement of watching the show, sprawled on my tummy in front of the TV… and dreaming about the first pint-sized power couple.

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