1+1 does not equal 2

Why is this woman smiling? She has a secret…

(Apparently, I wrote but did not publish this particular post, just saved it as a draft for some reason. So time travel back with me to 1980…)

 One plus one does not equal two?
Well, that’s what my pediatrician said when I told him I was pregnant again.

Once we decided to have a second child, I expected to make it happen ASAP. But for some reason, the planets did not align themselves according to my personal timetable.
 I’d been to the doctor, took a few tests, and spent a few months taking my temperature every day so I could pinpoint Prime Time.
 I hated all of it.
Here’s how crazy I was: I wanted two kids under the age of two.
Not to be.
After about six months of temperature taking and chart-keeping, I threw the thermometer across the room and broke it.

Later that week, I saw the doctor and she ran another test. She left the room, came back in and started to talk about hormone levels. I tuned her out, thinking she was going to tell me to buy another thermometer and keep plugging away… but then she got to the part where she said, “…and congratulations. You’re pregnant.”
“What?” I said. “I thought…”
“I have the results right here,” she said, and got out her little wheel. “Let’s see. Your due date is November 25th. Good news?”
I just laughed. Thanksgiving. How appropriate.

To be continued…

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