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Three new reads: For empty nesters, college grads, or seekers of grace

I think it’s time to shine a light on some of my writer friends! It’s been quite a productive few weeks for these talented writers. So I’d like to brag a little on their behalf and share the fruits of their efforts.

Each book has a broad appeal: college graduates, young adults, parents, empty nesters– a large swath of potential readers. I hope you’ll give these books a look and a like, and share the information–with a young woman  ready to make her way in the world, or someone who has kids on the verge of adulthood, or that  recent (or potential) college grad.

First up is When Will My Grown-Up Kid Grow Up? Loving and Understanding Your Emerging Adult,
co-authored by my friend Elizabeth Fishel.

Anyone with kids in this demographic (ages 18-29)  or on the edges of this demographic will understand the premise behind this book!  It’s an entertaining and instructive book  full of facts and anecdotes to reassure parents who are beginning to wonder when (or if)  their emerging adults will  ever fully emerge.

Next, we have The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Grace: Small Touches with Big Impact–at Home, Work & in Love, by local author Alicia Young.

I love the voice and the attitude and the whole notion of grace in this book, which I had the privilege to read in its infancy. Alicia covers a wide range of real life situations where grace and compassion are called for, and illustrates how any female of any age can be a “savvy girl.”

And finally, Ari King’s book: Now What?! Conversations about College, Graduation, and the Next Step

I probably feel proudest of this one because I’ve seen it grow from a thought to a notion to an idea to a concept– and finally to this finished product!  Ari kept his focus, didn’t get discouraged, and felt strongly enough about this book to make it happen.  He used all the resources he could muster, tracked down people to interview, and obviously had a personal stake in making sure to pass along some answers to the question every college grad has to answer: Now what?!

So, there it is. Three writers, three books. Good stuff. Please pass it on.

Being My Father’s Daughter

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