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Double Diptych

To paraphrase Pogo, Throwback Thursday come on a Tuesday this week.

I couldn’t resist posting this pair of photos.

    Part One: The Cookie Boys

First the father:

cookie boy 2                               Myles posing in front of a giant gingerbread person. He/she actually looks a little menacing. . .

And then the son:

coookie boy 1                                                   Hello. My name is Fenton. You ate my father. Prepare to die.

Well, I don’t really think Fenton is in the revenge business; he just went for it with this gingerbread cookie.


    Part Two: Santa, Maybe

Myles spends a day with his Nana, ending with a visit to St. Nick (who looks like he’s ready for his break).

M and Santa

Several days ago, Fenton sits on the old guy’s lap too:

F and Santa                                                Fenton lucked out in the Santa department. This is one class act!


But this time, the grandma stays in the picture:

R and Santa


Again with the Pogo: Deck us all with Boston Charlie. . . Fa la la la la la la la la!

A Fly on the Wall

Today I’m trying something new–joining in a bloghop with other writers, checking in on what you might see from the perspective of a small winged creature looking down on my house this week before Christmas. Sparkling gold candles. This is as far as we’ve gone in terms of holiday decorations so far. Oh, and andContinue Reading

and this is the sun’s birthday

In honor of my son’s birthday today, I’m posting a re-run. I used to tell him this story, or parts of it, every year on his birthday. Now that he’s a daddy, maybe he’ll carry on the tradition when his little boy turns three next month… Halloween, 1980. Not too much longer…      Continue Reading