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A Fly on the Wall

Today I’m trying something new–joining in a bloghop with other writers, checking in on what you might see from the perspective of a small winged creature looking down on my house this week before Christmas.

fly 4 candlesSparkling gold candles.

This is as far as we’ve gone in terms of holiday decorations so far. Oh, and and some of those red flowers on the front porch. Pathetic, really, but in some ways, just right. As my younger son says, until the Christmas hippo comes out, it’s not official.

The hippo is in these boxes somewhere.boxes

Along with these guys. Getting the band back together…

fly 6 Santa








No mensch on a bench, no elf on a shelf. If you want to have latkes, go make them yourself.

Holiday spirit? Not there yet. Obviously.

A large tree appeared in the garage a couple of days ago, where it awaits placement in our living room, not too close to the fireplace, which I need to re-learn how to light so I can show our grandson when he’s here. It takes some finesse with the remote control and can be quite frustrating when it clicks but doesn’t actually light.

fly 9 tree

Haven’t brought out the menorah yet, and I’m several days behind. I’m afraid I put it away last year without chipping off the candle wax. Nuts.

We’ve barely made a dent in the rather large box of cookies I got in a white elephant exchange two weeks ago. Hoping I can get our visiting family members to help us. They’re really good with coffee. Anyone?

fly 7 cookies







Gifts still need to be wrapped and I have one trip to the post office, Not really looking forward to standing in any lines, but it may be inevitable.

fly 1

Am I done shopping? Am I ever done? Up at 4:00 am, shopping online. Crazy time…


I’m reading the script for “Our Town” in preparation for seeing a local production tomorrow night. Thornton Wilder attended Berkeley High School, and we’re seeing the play in Berkeley. Nice.

I have seen this play so many times, I should know the entire script by heart. That third act gets me every time. Making sure I have enough tissue in my purse to get me through it.  “That’s what it was to be alive.”

fly 2

This year, we are going to try putting the train set together. Totally forgot we still had this train until my son unearthed it in the attic when he was getting rid of all his stuff up there. Hope it still works! I think the three-year-old grandson will enjoy it. Hope it doesn’t scare the baby, though.

fly 3 train


It’s terribly hard to get underneath this mistletoe when it’s sitting on the kitchen counter. Must take care of this soon.

fly 8 mistletoe









And that’s what it means to be at my house this week.


Here’s what it looks like in other houses.

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