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The annual semi-scientific trending Halloween costume report

devilOne of the things I miss the most about the days when my kids were little is the planning and execution of Halloween costumes. We had a lot of fun, for the most part, coming up with unique costumes that we could make. I would frequently sew or construct the key elements, but as the kids got older, they contrived their costumes on their own. We had Miss Liberty, Popeye, spaghetti and meatballs, Dorothy, a hippie girl, spaghetti and meatballsa sassy waitress, a mad scientist, a clown, a devil, a magician, Waldo, and a cowboy, to name a few.


I think the last guy to go trick-or-treating went out as a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman with a necktie and a briefcase. Instead of saying “trick or treat,” he began with “Good evening, sir or madam,” and went into his spiel. To make him stop, people would shower him with candy. Well done!

And now, your Halloween update for 2016:

It’s my annual unscientific study of trending Halloween costumes, as observed at the Hillcrest Halloween parade today! In addition to the usual cohort of witches, there were a number of Disney princesses, characters from every “Star Wars” movie ever made, and a zillion zombies.One of my favorites was zombie Minnie Mouse in pink and white polka dots with appropriately ghastly makeup. I saw a group of  Darth Vaders posing for a picture together, arms around each others’ shoulders.  Another favorite was the girl with an inked-on goatee, sporting a “Hard to be the Bard” Shakespeare t-shirt. Well played, wannabe Will! Remember Pokémon Go? You could’ve caught a few in the crowd today.

Others worth noting: A kid wearing a Samsung phone costume with flames shooting out of it; a rock star goddess a la “Mamma Mia”; a variety of fierce-looking dragons and a smattering of superhero types I was not able to identify; one girl dressed as a bee with a “Bee-yonce” t-shirt on; a number of ninjas, and a pair of unicorns. I spotted a host of Harry Potters, a couple of robots, and a nicely done Lincoln penny. One Dorothy and one Tin Man, several large fluffy animals, a Winnie-the-Pooh, and one adorable butterfly princess. The bottle of Tabasco sauce was very clever, as was the NASA nerd. No politicians as far as I could tell. One Uncle Sam and one Miss Liberty, one Secret Service guy; one black-hooded, scythe carrying Grim Reaper, which was enough!  Angels and vampires, cats and mummies, skeletons and heavy metal rockers, and one girl who looked like she stepped out of Little House on the Prairie. What fun!

That’s it, until next year.