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Bunny Cakes and Other Sorrows

My sister’s birthday is in April. When we were little, our mother used to make her a bunny cake for her birthday parties. Being two and a half years younger, I was always on the sidelines at those parties, but I wasn’t alone. I had what my mother used to call “the green-eyed monster” for company. Oh, how I coveted those bunny cakes.

I have vivid memories of those carefully crafted delicacies, with their little pink ears and their jelly bean noses and eyes, the way they perched, Sphinx-like, on a nest¬† of green cellophane. I don’t remember if it was a carrot cake (doubtful, but oh, the irony) or some other kid favorite, but it pretty much looked like this one from Betty Crocker:

bunny cake 

Adorable, isn’t it? Full of the joyous promise of spring and surrounded by brightly-colored sugary jelly beans. A child’s dream, with lots of frosting. An added touch of the exotic with the coconut.

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Hat Tip

My mother made hats. She took some night classes in hat-making back in the 60s, honed her millinery skills there, and started cranking out the hats. She made hats out of feathers, fur, fabric, and straw. She used velvet, felt, sequins, colorful fabric flowers, and added stiff veils made with netting. The feathers were theContinue ReadingContinue Reading