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6/6/86: A birthday today!

7:58 AM  on June 6.
Welcome to the world, James!

My first words after his birth: “He’d better love me his whole life!”
Well, it’s the kind of thing you say after hours and hours of labor…

We knew some things about him before he was born (I had the test, knew he was a boy; had another test that showed his heart was okay), but the rest was a mystery that would unfold as he grew up.

We thought we knew a few things about being parents, with 8 1/2 years of experience, but we still had a lot to learn. Two plus one equals more than three, for instance.


He was a lucky boy to have an older brother and sister who eagerly awaited his arrival and couldn’t wait to meet him.

And then there were three

Today is James’s 32nd  birthday. So, happy birthday to my sweet baby James. Hokey song to follow. You have been warned.