How did we manage to raise kids without these?

Top 9 Things We Didn’t Have But Managed to Raise Our Kids Anyhow

#9. Strollers the size of a Smart Car with speakers, cup holders, and phone chargers

#8. Gluten-free anything

#7. White noise machines that look like sheep

#6. Hypo-allergenic, chlorine-free, organic, shade-grown disposable diapers

#5. GOOP

#4. Super Hero sippy cups

#3. Potty training apps

#2. YouTube videos on burping, bathing, swaddling, figuring out a Moby Wrap, installing car seats, etc.

#1. Go the F*ck to Sleep

8 Responses to How did we manage to raise kids without these?

  1. And yet, I remember my mother looking around at things like intercoms, and electric swings saying, “How did I do it without these things?”

    • Risa Nye says:

      Seriously, I think some of this stuff is great. Especially those cupholders! But the overwhelming amount of information today would’ve paralyzed me. I had to rely on my instincts and Dr. Spock!

  2. Really, the only thing that’s truly miraculous is disposable diapers. The rest of the stuff we could all manage without!

  3. Hmmm … I don’t think I missed any of those things! A cup holder would definitely have been nice but I do remember buying one that you hung over the stroller — I always worried that my Starbucks would spill all over the place. Other than that, I’d say we all managed fine!

  4. Risa Nye says:

    Well, we did! I just like to poke fun at these kids today!

  5. Julie Renalds says:

    Very funny Risa….one thing missing from your list that seems to be an essential now: mobiles over everything–crib, stroller, playpens (do they even call them that anymore?) God forbid babies don’t have enough visual stimulation in their world!

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