None of the Boring Bits

Walking around in Sydney last week, I saw one of those carts full of ice cream-on-a-stick options. One colorful poster advertising something within promised “none of the boring bits,” and I guess this is my way of describing what comes next on “Zero to Sixty in One Year.” Not ice cream on a stick. The other one.

I hope to keep writing about things that strike my fancy, with the hope that I will (in the words of Elmore Leonard) “leave out the part that readers tend to skip.”

Can’t really say what the next subjects will be at this point, but I can report that sixty started off with a hell of a good time. Among the highlights: seeing the constellations of the Southern Hemisphere; climbing around on a glacier; hiking for hours up rocky paths in order to see the view of valleys, glaciers, and waterfalls; testing my ability to keep up and keep going, long past the point where my comfort zone stopped; getting into a wetsuit and goggles and jumping in open water to swim with dolphins; staying awake despite counting sheep, so many sheep….

I’ll probably write some more about the past–things I meant to include earlier in the month by month version, but ┬ánew things happen all the time and when I catch up to myself, I’ll be behind. Which reminds me of something my father used to say when I mentioned getting a little behind. Maybe I’ll save that for next time.

And now, a look back:

Zero (practically)…..

To Sixty:

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