My little Angelino grandson hasn’t had that many chances to get down-to-his socks wet by splashing in a rain puddle. We really need more rain here in California. I hope that perhaps this image will jog some cosmic memory about what should be happening in our much-too-dry state these days. Rain, rain, rain. . .come again soon!

Fenton, do that crazy rain dance and make it happen! Keep trying. . .


bigger puddle

And this can’t hurt either. (Turns out Paul’s birthday was yesterday, January 26th.)

4 Responses to Rain!

  1. Oh how I would love to send you some of our snow.
    I am not looking forward to the muddy, floody
    mess Spring is going to be.
    I love watching little ones jump in puddles…

  2. Risa Nye says:

    Kids in puddles: hard to resist! Thanks for stopping by. Stay warm!

  3. Thanks for reminding me of what rain is like! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen any in sunny San Diego!

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