Remembrance of Drinks Past

Even though I haven’t been doing my happy hour gig for very long, I have accumulated some luscious photos of my “research materials.” So, to kick off the weekend, here is a short retrospective of drinks past:
My favorite name for a drink: Smarty Jones at Adesso
At Bocanova: Soiree on the left, Caipirinha on the left
Ginger Greyhound and Buffalo Sour at Chop Bar
Mai Tai at–where else?–the Conga Lounge
Margarita at the Lake Chalet
Blackberry Margarita and the eponymous Penelope at Penelope
Sidebar Martini
 Busman’s holiday! Hawaiian variations: Mai Tai and Planter’s Punch
Pretty, whatever it was!

Best of the bunch: Bye Bye Blues at Tommy Bahama’s
Cosmo and Jade Martini at Chu

One more Jade Martini for the road


 a Mojito at Bar César

And, the finale: Pearly Gates at Picán
Holy Moly!

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