…on a desert island with only one album to listen to.You have to chose. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

This was a class assignment during my last semester at Saint Mary’s: choose the one album you would take with you to a desert island, assuming you could plan ahead for this, and could also figure out how to bring along a turntable and speakers, or a CD player, your locked and loaded iPod, or…well, you have to believe it’s only an exercise and no one will ever hold you to it, should the actual situation arise. But you must also have some good reasons for your choice, so there is some explaining to do too.

My essay was recently published in Caught in the Carousel, an outstanding vehicle for exploring current music; revisiting old favorites; reading all manner of interviews and reviews; getting downloads for new stuff, and a whole lot more–all done with attitude, great taste, good looks, and a sense of humor.

“So I can only pick one album to listen to for eternity while stranded on a desert island? How hard could it be to choose? I only really love a handful of albums, so I just have to look over what my options are and spend twelve weeks thinking about it. Debating. Changing my mind.  But now it’s done. I’ve made my pick.
I think.”
I chose the island, too. Why not?

So what album did I chose to take?
Find out here:

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