The Falling Leaves

Madeleine gets to play in a bigger pile than her mom and uncle did–but it’s still a lot of fun.

Back in the day…

Lots of leaves in Central NY!

More about Leaves:
I’ve written about some special leaves before– how I used to bring out my collection every year to scatter around the table at Thanksgiving.

I like tradition, but change is good too. I’m looking forward to gathering around a different table this year.

Leaves took on a special meaning for me after we lost our home in the Oakland Hills fire in 1991. I desperately needed symbols of rebirth and a fresh start for our rebuilt home.

So I was drawn toward things with leaves in them: artwork and  tile to go around our hearth. A lamp.

Leaves and groups of three: special themes for me

We’ve had huge windstorms here in the East Bay the last couple of days. Piles of leaves are everywhere–as are fallen branches. The wind has hastened the falling of the leaves, and the days are so short now. It feels like the year is winding down–but it’s also gearing up: we have several birthdays to celebrate and holidays to prepare for.

As they say, “Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello,
Good-bye, Good-bye, Good-bye, Good-bye,
That’s all there is.
And the leaves that are green turned to brown.”

Just listen.

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