You’ll be stirred–but not shaken–I hope. . .

This is an article I wrote for Berkeleyside recently. The Regional Oral History Office associated with UC Berkeley’s Bancroft Library is still looking to meet their financial goal before July 11.

Whether or not you’ve ever been drunk in San Francisco, as the song goes, I hope you’ll read this article and kick in a few bucks to the Indiegogo campaign. It’s a project near and dear to the heart of Ms Barstool and cocktail aficionados everywhere. It’s history!  I’ll drink to that–won’t you?  Cheers!

Risa cheers






Listen to Carmen tell it.



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  1. Kay Lynn says:

    I’ve not been exposed to Carmen McRae previously so thank you for sharing. It was surprising to find California didn’t allow women bartenders until 1972. Wow!

  2. I have soooo been drunk in San Francisco. But not for a good long while.

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