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OK, December: Bring it!

It’s November 30th. The last day of the challenge I took on without thinking it all the way through. A blog post a day for the whole month? Oh, why not, right?

 A bunch of people went along on the same ride, and I had the opportunity to get to know them better through their writing. In fact, I refer to some of these troupers as  “friends I haven’t met.”

Looking back, it’s kind of fun to see how the month unfolded. Sure, there are a few recycled pieces– but only a couple of recipes. And some days became brief photo essays–of cocktails I have loved, or a snowy front porch in Syracuse, or that sweet baby.

 I wrote about what it felt like to be a  mom with little kids, or a young wife–or a twelve year old girl. There were only a couple of rants. Not bad over the course of 30 days.

I remembered two friends and a President, now gone.
 My dad in his army uniform on Veteran’s day.
 Me in a dumb pilgrim hat made from a doily and a paper bag on my birthday.

I got to tell a few treasured anecdotes–about some worms, and about a special dinner (two separate stories) and put together some mixtapes.

On Thanksgiving I took the opportunity to be thankful. I wrote about the day I learned first-hand what it feels like to be in a burning room, and expressed thanks that someone else is doing that job instead of me.

 I had time to reflect on where I’m from and how much I enjoy trains.

And as a bonus, today I get to share my grandson’s excitement about puddles.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a month.

I’ve appreciated the comments and the “likes” when people have been kind enough to stop by and let me know you were here. I tried to do the same, reaching out to the friends I don’t know (yet).

But seriously?
I’m thankful it’s over.

So here’s to the November bloggers everywhere. Cheers–and see you in December.

Black Friday Mixtape

I’ll probably skip going to the mall today and go to the park instead. But there’s no denying that this is the biggest shopping day of the year. So here are some tunes to get you in the mood–or out of the mood, depending. In any case, be careful out there! You can’t shop withoutContinue Reading

Made this ahead and froze it. Hope it’s OK

Joining the Hanukkah/Thanksgiving mash-up along with others today, I borrowed a recipe for this post. Instead of socks (always a welcome gift on Hanukkah) I am offering 8 things for which I am thankful. (Note to kids: you may still get socks. You’ll have to wait and see.) I am thankful: For Magnificent, magical Madeleine Continue Reading

I’m Spending Hanukkah in Santa Monica!

What else is there to say? Have a wonderful holiday!

Here–this one’s for you

 Remember clippings? When friends or relatives would see something in the paper—an article, a recipe, a letter in Dear Abby—and they would cut it out and send it to you, perhaps with a little note attached: “Thought you’d get a kick out of this,” or, “Wouldn’t the kids love these cookies?” Or maybe the articleContinue Reading

Once again, remembering a friend

I missed the date, November 20, this year, but just by a few days. Giving thanks today for the memories and for good friends. (This is part two of an earlier post I published a while ago…)  The Moms in the Mountains, continued.     In my imagination, I can take the trip with my friendsContinue Reading

Lemon Tree

After another tough week of daily blogging, how about a break (I asked myself)? Go for it, I said. How about another recipe? I needed to look it up anyway, so. . . The Meyer lemon tree has cooperated this year, so if all goes well, this will be my contribution for Thanksgiving. We loveContinue Reading

The Falling Leaves

Madeleine gets to play in a bigger pile than her mom and uncle did–but it’s still a lot of fun. Back in the day… Lots of leaves in Central NY! More about Leaves:I’ve written about some special leaves before– how I used to bring out my collection every year to scatter around the table atContinue Reading

November 22, 1963

Friday, a school day. Just a week after my 12th birthday. Perhaps I would have put on a skirt and blouse that day, along with one of my prized mohair sweaters. I begged for mohair sweaters for months and had two of them finally. So I might have worn the red one, the cardigan, overContinue Reading

A Legacy in Soft Gray

 It’s sweater weather around here. Time to revisit this old yarn. . .  The gray yarn looked scratchy, like an old man’s stubble. Betty, my friend  Debbie’s mother, had knitted it into an almost-finished sweater. Two strands, twisted together, the heavy braided cables and stitches in row after row of pattern. I can’t remember whyContinue Reading