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My Morning with Hillary

My friend Sara and I purchased tickets online for the opportunity to meet Hillary Clinton and get an autographed copy of her book. The event was supposed to start at 8:30am, so we took an early BART train to San Francisco. We arrived at the Ferry building (to see her at Book Passages) by 7:45, and the will call line already snaked through the pillars in front of the building. We got our tickets and were directed to stand in line with the other “D” ticket holders.

Not a bad place to wait.


And since we had plenty of time to wait, we took pictures. Of ourselves.

selfie 1

And we asked other people to take our picture too.

in line1


But while we were waiting, and waiting . . . the guest of honor was already inside.

on her way in


She had a long line of folks eager for a quick word and a handshake. She’s inside that red circle.

There she is

Stacks of books to give away–I have no idea how many.

We finally got our moment, and our books.

Sara got her copy

My copy

After we got through the line, we sat at a big table near the bookstore and set our books down in front of us. A couple of guys¬† sitting at the other end of the table asked if they could take pictures of our books.Then they showed us some pictures they had taken earlier–and graciously agreed to share them with us. Here’s another one of theirs. (They also captured her arrival above.)


A better view

Glad we went, happy to have had the experience. Well worth the wait.



Noshing around North Beach

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Answering the four questions

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When a kiss could make it better

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