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Books and More Books

Risa with her books S 2


On a whim, I recently combed through my bookshelves and gathered together all the print books, anthologies and journals I have contributed to in some way: either as writer/ editor, beta reader, Kickstarter donor or friend. Some authors kindly added my name to the acknowledgements, which came as a pleasant surprise. The book I am holding is the latest addition to these collected works: Dine, published by Hippocampus Books, just released.

Writing is a lonely occupation, carried out in silence and solitude–but here I am, surrounded by the words of others and my own and it feels good to be joined by such talented company. If I missed anyone, I apologize. Late additions may warrant another photo op, if I can persuade my resident photographer to climb up on the furniture again for a do-over.

Many thanks to the authors and publishers here. Depending on how things go in the future, I may need a bigger table.

The Writing Year in Review: 2018

I did this last year and it helped me see that I had been slightly more productive than I thought. Let’s see what happened this past year in my writing life… A look  back at what I wrote in 2018: A number of pieces for Retrospect, which are listed on my Articles and Interviews pageContinue Reading

Answering the four questions

No, it isn’t Passover again. It’s a Blog Hop–sort of a tag team relay in the world of blogging. My fellow blogger and friend Francie Low answered the four questions, and then tossed the baton to me. I’ll attempt to answer the questions here, and then pass the honor along to three other bloggers I’dContinue Reading

Gradual School, Again

My inspiration After about 15 years of working in high schools as a college counselor, and taking writing classes on the side, I reached a crossroads: I could keep doing what I was doing and wonder what it would have been like to live a writer’s life, or take the plunge and actually live thatContinue Reading