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The Next Big Step

Lately, I’ve been taking notice when I see articles and blog posts about selling the family home, or downsizing, or re-evaluating the next chapter, etc. Some take on a bittersweet tone, while others have a roll-up-your-sleeves and get on with it approach. Most conversations I have with people my age inevitably get around to theContinue ReadingContinue Reading

A Made-Up Story

  It’s prom season! Time to pull this piece out again and give it a twirl.   I wandered into the makeup hub at Nordstrom a while back and the joint was jumping. As I strolled from counter to counter in search of the latest gravity-defying lotion, I noticed that the make-up artists were outContinue Reading

How did we manage to raise kids without these?

Top 9 Things We Didn’t Have But Managed to Raise Our Kids Anyhow #9. Strollers the size of a Smart Car with speakers, cup holders, and phone chargers #8. Gluten-free anything #7. White noise machines that look like sheep #6. Hypo-allergenic, chlorine-free, organic, shade-grown disposable diapers #5. GOOP #4. Super Hero sippy cups #3. PottyContinue Reading

What it Takes: College Edition

For over fifteen years, I worked in high schools as a college counselor.  I read applications at UC Berkeley for about ten years.In that time, I’ve worked with scores of kids and have read thousands of essays. While there are no set formulas for getting into the most selective colleges, here are some ways studentsContinue Reading


My little Angelino grandson hasn’t had that many chances to get down-to-his socks wet by splashing in a rain puddle. We really need more rain here in California. I hope that perhaps this image will jog some cosmic memory about what should be happening in our much-too-dry state these days. Rain, rain, rain. . .comeContinue Reading

One by One: Off they go…

When our three kids were little, we spent part of our summer vacation at a beautiful mountain lake. As we watched the kids play in the sand or splash in the icy water, my husband and I realized the day would come when they’d get too grown-up or too busy to spend lazy days withContinue Reading