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Lighter With Age

I have a blotter on my desk, covered with a sheet of clear plastic under which I have placed family photographs, a calendar, cartoons, mementos, notes, and  postcards. Among these is a clipping from the New York Times, date unknown. It’s a quotation from the poet and novelist May Sarton. Today seemed like a goodContinue Reading

Accustomed to his face

My little grandson was in town over the last couple of weeks. He spent his first Christmas here with us. He was  pretty interested in  the bubble wrap and empty boxes, but also liked his new toys and books. But now it’s time to put away the high chair and board books. The house isContinue Reading

The King Abides

The whole thing started when my husband and I took a day trip to Tijuana. We were in San Diego for the weekend, and spur of the moment decided to cross the border for a few hours. We inched our way through the checkpoint, and found a marketplace to explore. We hadn’t gone far whenContinue Reading

A Birthday Celebration, Once Again!

In honor of my son’s birthday today, I’m posting a re-run. I used to tell him this story, or parts of it, every year on his birthday. Now that he’s a daddy, maybe he’ll carry on the tradition when his little boy turns one next month…    So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waitingContinue Reading

Remembering a Friend

 On the anniversary of her passing… paying tribute to a departed friend, dearly missed.   Mommies, Part 2. November 2012 The Moms in the Mountains, continued. Captured at the kitchen table: (front) l to r:  Lisa, Cindy, Chris; (back) Jo, Sara, me. 1998             In my imagination, I can take the trip with my friends toContinue Reading

It’s Back! Another one from the Rejection Collection

 This one is still warm. Hoped to get a “yes” this birthday week, but so it goes. Plenty of things to be thankful for as we move into countdown mode for a family Thanksgiving. The theme for this piece was “Moving.”  In Three Moves December 4, 1977 My husband and I rented a truck and bribed Continue Reading

Politics, Patriotism, and Playing Ball

This is something I wrote in 2005. During the opening ceremonies at last  year’s World Series Game 2 in San Francisco, a giant American flag filled the field, held high by representatives of our armed services. A Marine who had lost both legs and an arm tossed out the first pitch. The looks on theContinue Reading

Before the Fall

Left to right: San Francisco, the Golden Gate, Angel Island,  Mt. Tam  Contrary to what many people believe, we do get fall colors here in California. I took a little field trip today (after the rain stopped) to see if I could take some pictures of places near me where the leaves are changing color.Continue Reading

Tired of Waiting…

Writer friends: is there anything more frustrating than waiting? Waiting for a response…waiting for an acceptance–even waiting for a rejection, just so you can move on. Is an auto response too much to ask?C’mon! I’ve met the deadlines, and satisfied the requirements for word count, double-spacing and font. I double-checked, wrote the 50-word bio, hitContinue Reading

Come Fly with Me

This is mostly true. Some exaggeration. Mostly true, though. I am not one of those white-knuckled passengers sitting next to you on the airplane. As long as I am wearing earrings with stars, I am fine.  If I am wearing earrings with stars, and can find an aisle seat in row 14, or row 5,Continue Reading