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Good Morning Little School Girl

In honor of the first week of school, three little school girls and a kosher version of the song by Smokey Hogg. My class picture from kindergarten Caitlin’s first day of school Madeleine in pigtails, like her grandma used to wear, on her first day of kindergarten

Listen to me: Three that made it

Over the last several years I’ve submitted short pieces to KQED radio,  the local PBS station, for a segment called “Perspectives.” I’ve swung and missed a number of times, but I did make it onto the show with these three. Instead of digging into the Rejection Collection today, I thought I’d start off this weekContinue Reading

Showing how it’s done: Two inspiring writers

A while ago, I was asked to write something about writers who inspired me, or something like that. Mentors, maybe? And these two are, even though I’ve never met them. The cover of Lee’s book is regrettable, but what can you do?  Many years ago, my father loaned me his copy of Cider with Rosie,Continue Reading

Remembrance of Drinks Past

Even though I haven’t been doing my happy hour gig for very long, I have accumulated some luscious photos of my “research materials.” So, to kick off the weekend, here is a short retrospective of drinks past: My favorite name for a drink: Smarty Jones at Adesso At Bocanova: Soiree on the left, Caipirinha onContinue Reading

The Rejection Collection, Chapter 2: The Secret Ingredient

This one did not get selected for an anthology about food and love. Again, I say “feh”: No matter what my father cooked, it always had a secret ingredient. “Guess the secret ingredient,” he would say, hands on hips with a cocky look on his face. “C’mon. guess. What’s in the eggs?” “Uh. . .cheese?”Continue Reading

The Rejection Collection, Chapter 1: The Not-So-Great Outdoors

This essay was not one of the ones chosen to be read aloud at a recent literary event. The theme was “The Great Outdoors.”  Feh!  This is what I learned growing up in a Jewish family: Santa Claus will not visit; there will be no eggs hidden anywhere on Easter; and people sleep indoors inContinue Reading

Painted Ladies

No, not that famous row of houses in San Francisco. Just a silly, almost-summer look at three generations of face paint. Me, 1967 Caitlin, circa 1982 Madeleine, 2011

Ringing in My Ears

I have a ringing in my ears. It’s the sound I hear when there is no sound. I only hear it when I listen, and I know that sounds like “I only see it when I look,” but it’s different. The sound I hear is sometimes like microphone feedback, sometimes like the sound of theContinue Reading

Baby Love

Babies: They spit up on your shoulders (and your lap and in your hair); you cheer when they burp, you sing while you change their diapers and make silly faces to make them smile. And what a reward when they do grace you with a smile–or better yet, with a laugh! Yes, I just spentContinue Reading


Here, these are for you! Anyone remember clippings? When friends or relatives saw something in a magazine or the newspaper—an article, a recipe, a letter in Dear Abby—they would cut it out and send it to you, perhaps with a little note attached: “Thought you’d get a kick out of this,” or, “Wouldn’t the kidsContinue Reading